Subdermal Needle Electrodes with flat cable

BIONEN Subdermal Needle Electrodes are made of stainless steel AISI 304, this material guarantees solidity, strength and flexibility.
Grinding of the tip is optimized to guarantee a simple and painless skin penetration.
Subdermal Needles feature low noise and impedance, the flat cable further reduces them for a more clear and reliable signal.

For U.S. market: Products with FDA 510(k) clearance

  • Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Packaging: a single flat cable with 5 needles
  • Sterilizzazione: Gamma Rays
  • Shelf Life: 60 months
  • no risk of cross-contamination
0021.201L=10mm0,35mmFEMALE D=1,5mm5 POLES L=100cm
0021.202L=15mm0,35mmFEMALE D=1,5mm5 POLES L=100cm
0021.206HOOK0,35mmFEMALE D=1,5mm5 POLES L=100cm
0021.211L=10mm0,35mmMALE D=2mm5 POLES L=100cm
0021.212L=15mm0,35mmMALE D=2mm5 POLES L=100cm
0021.216HOOK0,35mmMALE D=2mm5 POLES L=100cm