Bar Stimulator with felts

The bar stimulators are used for evoked potentials exams to study the response of the Central Nervous System to a sensory stimulus, analyzing the nerve pathways that carry information from the periphery to the brain. In particular, the Motor Evoked Potentials (MEP) are studied, that is the way that leads the stimulus from the motor cerebral cortex and that through the spinal cord reaches the motor neurons and then the muscles.
The electrodes of the stimulator are placed on the point to be stimulated with a light pressure and secured with a Velcro strap.

WARNING: Not for U.S. market

0038.021150 cmDIN 3 PINADULT40 mm
0038.022150 cmDIN 5 PINADULT40 mm
0038.023150 cmFMM D=1,5mm TPADULT40 mm
0038.024150 cmMCH D=2mm TPADULT40 mm
0038.031150 cmDIN 3 PINPEDIATRIC20 mm
0038.032150 cmDIN 5 PINPEDIATRIC20 mm
0038.033150 cmFMM D=1,5mm TPPEDIATRIC20 mm
0038.034150 cmMCH D=2mm TPPEDIATRIC20 mm
4141.001FELTS22X7mm100 pcs.
0062.031BELTL=40cm1 pcs.
0062.026Velcro WraparoundL=50cm1 pcs.
0062.027Velcro WraparoundL=30cm1 pcs.

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