Hypodermic Needle Electrodes for Botulinum Toxin Injection

The use of electromyographic (EMG) recording during the application of Botox® is particularly useful to pinpoint the exact point of nerve disorder.
BIONEN electrode with an open lumen is designed for simultaneous recording of spontaneous activity and delivery of Botox® in patients affected by sustained involuntary contractions of muscles.

For U.S. market: Products with FDA 510(k) clearance
  • Sterile hypodermic needle for single use (ISO 7864)
  • Material: AISI 304 stainless steel, insulated coating up to the tip
  • Recording surface limited to the area of the exposed bevels and inner cannula face
  • Hub with Luer-Lock fitting to connect the injection syringe
  • Wire with touch-proof connector for electrical connection to a stimulating or recording device
0028.5110,5120100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmblack
0028.5120,5130100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmgreen
0028.5130,5140100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmred
0028.5140,5150100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmgrey
0028.5150,5160100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmyellow
0028.5160,5175100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmblue
0028.5210,3125100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmorange
0028.5220,4125100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmgreen
0028.5230,4137100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmblue
0028.5240,4637100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmblack
0028.5250,4650100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmred
0028.5260,6475100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmgrey
0028.5270,3533100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmyellow
0028.5280,3545100 cmFEMALE D=1,5mmwhite


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