Ring Electrodes

Ring electrodes are used for nerve conduction study (NCS) and are used for stimulation or recording.
The ring of BIONEN electrodes are made of stainless steel AISI 304 and are available elastic (D=2,5 mm) or not elastic (D=1 mm).

WARNING: Not for U.S. market
0036.001150 cmDIN 3 PINELASTIC2,5 mm
0036.002150 cmFMM D=1,5mmELASTIC2,5 mm
0036.004150 cmMCH D=2mmELASTIC2,5 mm
0036.101150 cmDIN 5 PINELASTIC2,5 mm
0036.201150 cmDIN 5 PINNOT ELASTIC1 mm
0036.203150 cm3 x FMM D=1,5mmNOT ELASTIC1 mm