EEG prewired headcaps

The most simple, stable and fastest solution for an EEG exam!

The EEG headcaps have prewired electrodes positioned according to the 10-20 International Standard System on a fabric elastic cap perfectly fitting on everyone's head.
Our headcaps can be further customized with more electrodes and different montages.
This system guarantees a drastic reduction of exam's preparation time and costs.

WARNING: Not for U.S. market

  • simple and fast to prepare
  • stable and correct placement of the electrodes
  • suitable for children and patients that need to reduce the preparation time
  • complete with accessories' kit: thoracic belt, chin strap, elastic belts, syringe, blunted needle
BIONEN headcaps'range is wide and complete, in addition to the standard models with 10 and 21 electrodes, we develop custom models  for specific requirements. The two standard models have:
  • flat Ag/AgCl electrodes
  • cylindric Ag/AgCl electrodes
Every model is available with 7 sizes (1 neonatal, 2 pediatrics, 4 adults) recognizable from the fabric color:

0013.XX110neonatalbrown30 ± 2 cm
0013.XX210pediatric smallpink35 ± 2 cm
0013.XX310pediatriclight blue40 ± 2 cm
0013.XX421adult smallgreen45 ± 2 cm
0013.XX521adult mediumyellow50 ± 2 cm
0013.XX621adult largered55 ± 2 cm
0013.XX721adult extra largeblue60 ± 2 cm
BIONEN manufactures EEG headcaps with direct connection with main EEG systems, further reducing the exam's preparation time.
The EEG systems for which we already developed headcaps are the following, if the system you need is not in the list, contact us and we will be glad to prepare the required montage.
BIONENBluNet EEGBLUFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBN (ATES Medica Device)NEUROTRAVELNTLFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBN (ATES Medica Device)NEUROTRAVEL SMARTNTSFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroSAFETY - SIRIOSIRFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroVEGAVEGFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroHALLEY 32H32Flat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroMIZAR - BEMBEFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroBE MICROBEMFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroBE LIGHTBELFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroBE LIGHT 36B36Flat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroBE PLUSBEPFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
EBNeuroNEMUS 2NEMFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
MicromedBRAIN QUICKBQKFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
Nihon KohdenNEUROFAXNKHFlat / Cylindric / Comfort
Universal headcaps models allow to use the same headcap with EEG systems of different manufacturers.
They are adaptable and compatible with most EEG systems through the use of the adapter cable:
  • 0015.011 for headcaps with 10 electrodes
  • 0016.011 for headcaps with 21 electrodes
0013.L01Comfort Ag/AgCl10neonatal
0013.L02Comfort Ag/AgCl10pediatric small
0013.L03Comfort Ag/AgCl10pediatric
0013.L04Comfort Ag/AgCl21adult small
0013.L05Comfort Ag/AgCl21adult medium
0013.L06Comfort Ag/AgCl21adult large
0013.L07Comfort Ag/AgCl21adult extra large
0013.F01Flat Ag/AgCl10neonatal
0013.F02Flat Ag/AgCl10pediatric small
0013.F03Flat Ag/AgCl10pediatric
0013.F04Flat Ag/AgCl21adult small
0013.F05Flat Ag/AgCl21adult medium
0013.F06Flat Ag/AgCl21adult large
0013.F07Flat Ag/AgCl21adult extra large
0013.C01Cylindric Ag/AgCl10neonatal
0013.C02Cylindric Ag/AgCl10pediatric small
0013.C03Cylindric Ag/AgCl10pediatric
0013.C04Cylindric Ag/AgCl21adult small
0013.C05Cylindric Ag/AgCl21adult medium
0013.C06Cylindric Ag/AgCl21adult large
0013.C07Cylindric Ag/AgCl21adult extra large
0013.F01Flat Ag/AgCl10neonatal
The EEG headcaps of the new line Comfort Cap maintain all the advantages of the prewired headcaps and increase comfort due to the new electrode’s shape without plastic holder.

The specific Line EEGforKids with nice printed fabric for pediatric sizes, is a small contribution for a kid’s smile!
Together with the product we deliver a nice story book with EEG explained to kids.