Cup Electrodes

The cup electrodes are used for recording of the electrical brain activity (EEG).
The electrodes are placed in contact with the clean skin and applied according to the "10-20 International Standard" with an adhesive paste.

The BIONEN electrodes are developed tu assure a reliable and high quality signal.
The reusable ones are manufactured with silver electrode and have a particular molded connection to minimize the risk of damage.
The disposable ones have no risk of cross-contamination and do not nede any maintainance activity.

WARNING: Not for U.S. market

  • reliable and high quality of the signal
  • tangle free lead wires
  • custom length of the cables are available
  • molded conenction cable-electrode minimize the risk of damage
  • Packaged in pouch of 5 eelectrodes with different colors for an easy identification

0012.015Chloride Silver (Ag/AgCl)10 mmRed, Black, Green, Blu, Yellow150 cm5 pcs.
0012.016Golden Silver (Ag/Au)10 mmRed, Black, Green, Blu, Yellow150 cm5 pcs.
0012.017Silver (Ag)10 mmRed, Black, Green, Blu, Yellow150 cm5 pcs.
Sintered electrodes guarantee optimal performances e do not need any maintainace activity.
Attention must be paied to not put in contact the electrode with other materials (stainless steel, iron, brass, copper)
0011.010Sintered silver (Ag/AgCl sint.)10 mmMulticolor L=150cm
0011.101Sintered silver (Ag/AgCl sint.)6 mmMulticolor L=150cm
0011.102Sintered silver (Ag/AgCl sint.)8 mmMulticolor L=150cm
  • no risk of cross-contamination
0012.612Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl)10 mm100 cmHeat shrink tubing