The smile therapy is based on the psychological and biological effects of a smile. Helping a child to accept, endure and react positively, dampening fear for treatments and exams is very important.
The EEG headcaps of the new line Comfort Cap EEGforKids maintain all the advantages of the prewired headcaps and increase comfort due to the new electrode’s shape without plastic holder.
The nice printed fabric and a story book on EEG exam explained to kids is available and it is a small contribution that BIONEN is pleased to offer.

  • Simple and fast to prepare
  • Stable and correct placement of the electrodes
  • 10-20 International Standard System montage
  • Silver Chloride electrodes for reliable acquisition
  • No plastic holder to increase kid’s comfort
  • Printed elastic fabric perfectly fits on everyone
  • Bigger electrode’s hole facilitates conductive cream insertion
  • Easier impedance reduction thanks to the easiest skin cleaning
  • Comfortable skin scratching using a cotton swab

BIONEN manufactures EEG headcaps with direct connection with main EEG system.