BluNet: a good night for a good life!

The best use of the technology and simple information sharing is, even in the medical field, an essential tool to improve the service offered to patients and optimize resources.
The purpose of our project was to give doctors and technicians a chance to work mobile and simply and at the same moment increase the comfort for the patient with a small and comfortable device to wear.
With BluNet, doctors and technicians are no longer bound to the use of bulky equipment and PC workstations and can interact with patients quickly and easily, while continuing to display the data with the analysis software with which they are used to work.

WARNING: Not for U.S. market

BluNet is a modular system whose function is to detect, to record and to store biological signals.

It’s composed by the following modules:

  • PSG module (polysomnography)
  • EXG module (10/12 channels)
  • movement detector module (gyro-accelerometer)
  • DIB (Digital Inductive Belt) module
  • LED PHOTIC STIM module
  • BluNet Dock Station
  • Sensors
Signals are transmitted to the host software via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and stored in the microSD inside the device.
Data are memorized in an EDF (European Data Format) format file. The EDF can be read and displayed with every host software.
0101.001PSG module1322X40X50 mm27 gr.up to 9 h
0101.012EXG 10ch module1022X40X50 mm27 gr.up to 24 h